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7th Congressional District Republican Committee

The Journey Starts Now! Let’s Take Back the 7th!

Let’s Take Back the 7th!

Now, more then ever before, your engagement is crucial to the success of our movement. In Virginia, and specifically the 7th Congressional District, the margins of victory are paper thin, but the outcomes will have dramatic ramifications that will echo through the ages. This November, our country will be faced with a choice that will have lasting consequences. but before November, we first have to choose our representative in the general election. Below are listed the current declared candidates with accompanying websites if available. I would encourage you to research the candidates and determine who you want as our champion in the 7th!

Derrick Anderson
Maria Martin
Bill Moher
Jon Myers
John Prabhudoss
Jeff Sacks
Shaliek Tarpley
Terris Todd
These are our potential candidates and this is not endorsement by 7th Congress District Republican Committee.

To engage in this process, research, engage, volunteer, and donate to the candidate or candidates that you want to see represent us in November. You will also have the opportunity to vote for these candidates in the 2024 Virginia Primary on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, or during the 45 day voting window prior to the primary election.